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Update Guide

Updates to Querybook will follow Semantic Versioning. More specifically:

  • MAJOR version update includes:
    • Changes in database data that requires a manual update
    • Changes that would break the code of the plugin
  • MINOR version update includes:
    • Major feature improvements
    • Change in the database schema
  • PATCH version update includes:
    • Bug fixes
    • Code Refactor
    • Small feature improvements

When updating, please check if there is a major version difference. If there is, check out the changelog to see what actions are required. If there is a minor version difference, it is recommended to update the database to the latest version via alembic. You can run the following to do so:

docker run -it querybook:version_to_update_to bash
cd querybook
export DATABASE_CONN=mysql://....
PYTHONPATH=server alembic upgrade head
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