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Embed Querybook As Iframe

You can embed Querybook as an iframe in other tools so users can edit query directly on Querybook, test it out, and then update it back. Here are the steps to implement this feature:

  1. Include the following HTML
  1. When the iframe loads, there will be 2 kinds of events that can be send back, please handle them by adding an event listener to window:
(e) => {
// Determine the event type here
const type = e?.data?.type;
if (type === 'SEND_QUERY') {
// If it is a send query event, please send the
// querybook iframe the query being edited
{ type: 'SET_QUERY', value: query },
} else if (type === 'SUBMIT_QUERY') {
// If it is a submit query event, it means the user
// has finished editing the query in querybook, please
// update your query in your tool accordingly
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