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Result Store

Adding a new result store for main repo#

Add the new store code under lib/result_store/stores/. Make sure both the reader and uploader inherit from that's in the same folder. Once the code is completed, include in the lib/result_store/ Follow the examples of s3 and db store and choose a single word prefix name to represent the result store.

To use the store in production, set the environment variable ALL_PLUGIN_RESULT_STORES to be the same as the result store name (the one chosen in

Adding the new engine as a plugin#

If you cannot include this result store as part of the open source project, you can also add it as a plugin.

  1. Locate the plugin root directory for your customized Querybook, and find the folder called result_store_plugin.
  2. Add your result store code similiar to what's above, which means making sure it inherits from
  3. Add the new reuslt store along with its representative name in the variable ALL_PLUGIN_RESULT_STORES under result_store_plugin/
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