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What is an notifier?#

Notifiers provide the option for users to be notified upon completion of their queries. Some example of notifiers are:

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams


To keep the notification process standardized, the standard notifiers are included under <project_root>/querybook/server/lib/notify/notifiers, but for custom notifiers create them under <project_root>/plugins/notifier_plugin/. All notifiers must inherit from BaseNotifier that lives in <project_root>/querybook/server/lib/notify/

Here are some fields of notifier that you must configure in the setup process:

  • NOTIFIER_NAME: This will get displayed on the Querybook website.
  • NOTIFIER_FORMAT: This is the text format of the message that will be sent, by default Querybook supports:
    • markdown
    • plaintext
    • html
  • notify(user, message,): This is the actual notification sending function. User is provided for access to the information of the user that the notification is being sent to. Message is the markdown-formatted content of the notification that will be sent.

If you want to add a notifier that's specific to your own use case, please do so through plugins (See this Plugin Guide to learn how to setup plugins for Querybook).

Once plugins folder is setup, import the notifier class under ALL_PLUGIN_NOTIFIERS in notifier_plugin/ .

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