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Storybook can be used to preview simple UI components under different themes and props. It provides a fast way for developers to iterate and test their components.

How to setup and run the storybook server#

To install the dependencies, run

yarn install

in the root directory of the project.

To run storybook, run

yarn storybook

Once the build completes, you can view the website on http://localhost:6006.

What should be included in the storybook#

Every public component created under querybook/webapp/ui should be included in the storybook. Please categorize the new component under one of the sections below:

  • Layout: The component is only used to position the children.
  • Button: The component is a clickable button.
  • Form: The component is commonly used in a form.
  • Stateless: The component holds no internal state.
  • Stateful: The component contains internal states.

How to add a new story#

When adding a new story for a component, please keep the .stories.tsx file under the same folder. For example:

querybook/webapp/ui/Button/Button.tsx <- main componentquerybook/webapp/ui/Button/Button.stories.tsx <- storybook for the component

Here is an minimal example of a story. Please refer to the storybook documentation if you want to add more functionalities.

import React from 'react';// eslint-disable-next-line import/no-extraneous-dependenciesimport centered from '@storybook/addon-centered/react';
import { Foo } from './Foo';
export default {    // Title should be in the form of [Section]/[Name]    title: 'Stateless/Foo',    // Include the centered docorator to center the component    decorators: [centered],};
export const _Foo = (args) => <Foo {...args} />;// Provide default prop values for control_Foo.args = {    prop1: 'foo',    prop2: 'bar',};// Use argTypes to customize the control_Foo.argTypes = {    children: { control: 'text' },};

Querybook specific integrations#

You can use the theme picker located on the center navbar (rightmost button on the left side) to toggle between different Querybook themes.

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