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Developer Setup

Here is how to setup dev tools before contributing to Querybook

Before you start#

To enable autocomplete and type checking, it is recommended to install all Querybook dependencies locally. However, you can also leverage VSCode's Remote-Container plugin to develop directly inside the docker container (code changes will be auto-synced back with volumes).

If you do decide to develop locally, please make sure you have the following python and node versions available locally:

  • Python: ~3.7
  • Node: >=12

If you do not have the compatible version, we recommend the following methods to install the compatible versions required by Querybook.

Setup Local DevTools#

THIS PART IS IMPORTANT! This is required so that pre-commit hook can be used correctly.

git clone ...
cd querybookpython3 -m venv .virtualenvsource .virtualenv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txtpre-commit installyarn install

Running the frontend locally via webpack serve#

Run the following command

yarn dev --env.QUERYBOOK_UPSTREAM=(Put your backend api server url here)

If you want to bypass cookie of upsteam do this

yarn dev --env.QUERYBOOK_UPSTREAM=(Put your backend api server url here) --env.QUERYBOOK_COOKIE=(Put backend api cookie here)
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