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Nov 2020 (version 2.4.2)

Welcome to the last release of Querybook for 2020.

Querybook 2.4 builds on top of the previous version by further polishing the user experience and doubling down on features for data quality.

Main Features#

  • Smart Columns! Convert image_signatures to images, format numbers to dollars, links to sites, and more with a single click!
  • Sidebar 2.0! A new much more powerful sidebar with lists, recent, and favorites all in a single view, with drag and drop support.
  • Table Tags! You can now easily add tags to tables and retrieve all tables with a certain tag through search.
  • GDoc Style Access Requests! You can now request and grant access to any given DataDoc directly in the UI.
  • Table Stats! Add customized table stats such as daily query run to enrich your table's metadata.
  • Column Search! Narrow down your search to only columns, descriptions, or table names.
  • Sample Queries! Quickly see sample queries of a given table to kickstart your analysis.
  • Table Warnings! Found a table with incorrect data? Easily add table warnings and errors that will then show up in the query editor.
  • Frequent query users! See at a glance the top users of a given table and reach out to them for questions and doubts.
  • Table Ownership Editing! With a single click you can add yourself as the owner of a table.

Opensource Friendly Features#

  • Revamped the documentation site
  • Added Snowflake integration
  • Home page view can now be customized via the web plugin
  • Table search/autosuggest ranking can now be altered by boost score

Querybook Team

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