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May 2020 (version 2.3.0)

Welcome to the second release of Querybook this year ๐ŸŽ‰. Thank you for your recent survey responses. Weโ€™d like to highlight the features we have added based on your feedback.

  • Scheduling with Exporting: Automate export results to Google Sheets and get notified via Slack or email with the new DataDoc scheduling UI
  • DataDoc Search/Replace: Navigate around your doc easily with the new search and replace UI! Also available for ad hoc query!
  • Copy/Cut/Paste: You can now move your Query Cells to another DataDoc & retain the same execution history.
  • Improved Charting: We added custom x-axis sorting and the option to show values in charts.
  • Advanced Templating: You can now nest templated variable definitions and leverage the full potentials of templating with Jinja2.
  • Table Relevance: Autocomplete suggestions and table search are now ranked by impressions and usage of the table.

Feature highlights#


You can now export the query result of a scheduled DataDoc to any exporter! The image below shows an example of exporting to Google sheets. Note that you can specify the sheet url so it keeps updating the same sheet and that you can specify where exactly you want Querybook to fill the data.

We have also added notifications for scheduled DataDoc to keep you updated with the latest DataDoc runs. If you specify an export option like the one above, then the exported url will be included in the notification message.

Search and replace#

Update your DataDoc quickly with the new search and replace feature! Press โŒ˜+F (or Ctrl+F in windows) in a DataDoc to toggle the search and replace UI. You can also specify the search to make it case-sensitive or use regex.

It is also available for Ad hoc query!


Move DataDoc cells easily across docs with the new copy cut paste UI! You can use this to move cells between DataDocs or within the same DataDoc. Both copy and cut will retain the current query execution history for the new cell.

Improved Charting#

Chart data can now be sorted by any column! Sorting will determine the arrangement of x-axis values in the chart. We also implemented a data labeling feature with flexible positioning options. Check out the feature on the Visuals tab of Chart Configurations.

Advanced Templating#

Leverage the full potential of templating with Jinja2! You can now use macros, for loops and if statements in a query. Templated variables can also infer other variables to allow nesting.

Small Feature Improvements/Bug Fixes#

  • You can now collapse the query inside a Query Cell.
  • Sharing query execution in DataDoc will link to the query execution page directly.
  • Clicking on a cell automatically updates the url to point to the cell for easy sharing
  • Query completion message is rephrased to show the status first.
  • Added editor settings to let users configure autocompletion, tab space, and font size.
  • Running a CREATE as INSERT or insert query updates the table lineage automatically
  • URLs will be auto-detected and converted to links in Text Cells
  • Creating a DataDoc will include an empty Query Cell
  • You can now convert an ad-hoc query to a DataDoc with a single click
  • Exported google sheets are now editable and owned by the user
  • DataDoc scheduling now records failures if errors occurred during scheduled runs

Querybook Team

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